London to Brighton

Two girls and one gear we set out at 6am into a wet, chilly supposedly Summer morning, to join the medium paced LFGSS ride to Brighton. Not being too sharp at that time we went to the wrong meeting place and had to join the later fast group. Having already done a 10mile detour and now moving along at a much quicker pace the ride was tough! Having completed the Dunwich Dynamo only a couple of weeks ago we thought it would be easy, but hills like that are definitely made for gears (although when we did get up them it felt like a far greater achievement)! Over taking the first group a couple of hours in was a big boost and spinning down a 16% decline in the rain definitely got our adrenaline pumping to finish the ride! After the final climb up to the Devils Dyke for a cooling pint it was down hill all the way to the beach where we had fish and chips and rose and swam in the sea! Thanks to Agatha and all the great guys on the ride.

london to brighton 1london to brighton fish and chipslondon to brighton sea


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