A glimpse of our new clothing line

cyclodelic women's jersey

Photograph by Kasper Daems

All that cycling over Summer got us thinking that it’s about time we started making some great women’s cycling clothing that, fits and looks as good as it performs. We’re still very much in the development stages so would appreciate all your comments and thoughts of what you are looking for in your dream sexy cycle attire. In the meantime here is a sneak peak of what to expect (hopefully) sometime next year. Taken by our very talented photographer friend, Kasper Daems.


6 thoughts on “A glimpse of our new clothing line

  1. I would suggest you take a look at some of the continental women’s kit, it is shaped and styled properly.
    Exteondo, Assos, as well as Gore

    But it can be so difficult to obtain a decent range of styles of here.

    Be careful re the use of elasticated hems. Nothing annoys me more than a nicely styled woman’s top that then has elastic at the bottom, when will manufacturers understand that the lower edge is designed to fit on the hips, our widest part, elastic just means it will ride up and settle at the narrowest part, making the pockets totally useless, and making the whole garment look baggy and ridiculous, might just as well wear a small men’s.

  2. Would be great if you could come up with some water-resistant/waterproof stylish women’s trousers.

    I’ve tried to look for some, and have found a couple of jeans on the internet that are claimed to be waterproof/resistant – not really sure how they would actually perform though. The price of the Kasil Jean’s ‘Devious Martie’ was a little too high for me, at $185. (http://www.kasiljean.com/Catalog/Detail.aspx?Keyword=waterproof&sid=&medium=&term=&version=&cICode=608)

    Also http://www.alpkit.com make water resistant ‘Jeanius’ jeans, but their fit is not particularly feminine, see http://www.alpkit.com/shop/cart.php?target=product&product_id=16387&category_id=248

    Gore Tex or similar breathable material would be the best in terms of water resistance, but I guess a licence to use those kinds of patented materials maybe quite expensive.

    I mysef own a Columbia sportsware ‘Titanium’ jacket, which has a light and waterproof material that I really like. I must be possible to make light and stylish, feminine trousers from a similar fabric. (Perhaps fitted, pastel-coloured, combat-style, with pull-on strings on trouser-legs etc.)

    In any case I think the design of the above women’s top looks very innovative, a great job you have done so far!

  3. I love the cycle jersey in that photo! Where can it be purchased? I’ve looked through the retailers that carry cyclodelic but can’t find it anywhere

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