London Cycling in the Snow

Getting off the plane from a weeks snowboarding to a white London today was rather bizarre and wonderful at the same time! As London practically shuts down there seems to be only one good way of getting around… Fixed gear bicycles are especially good on frosty roads and are traditionally favored by competitive cyclists as training bicycles in the winter (although we love ours all year round).

Back hops in the snow not recommended as performed by Christopher Delia!

Snow Graffitti Allowed!

In London Fields today it seemed like everyone was using their day off wisely by building random things out of snow. I particularly loved this one…

snow graffitti london fields 

… skiving off from work is a lot harder when your studio is at home and your boss is in your head but we managed to sneak away to create these cyclodelic snow beasts!

snow art snow art dalek

Snowboarding in London Fields

We thought we were cool turning up to London Fields with a make shift board that Christopher carefully fashioned from an old bicycle box (of course!) and our boarding goggles and jackets, only to find a bunch of boarders with boots, binding et al! Why did we bother going away at all last week – all the action is obviously, as ever, in Hackney!