Bring on the style revolution

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WHEN Topshop brings out a collection dedicated solely to the cyclista, you know things have come full circle. Gone is the excuse to pull on a sweaty T-shirt and holey tracksuit bottoms to puff into work. From now on the fashion-conscious fellow cyclist will be checking out everything from our helmets to our toe-clips. Continue reading

On your bike! Why we need more women on two wheels

  • , Monday 6 April 2009

Many a female cyclist will have gone into her local bike shop, been blinded by the racks of fluorescent fabrics and wondered if it would ever be possible to buy cycling gear that wouldn’t make her look as if she had been attacked by a highlighter pen. Why, she may have wondered, did it seem beyond the imagination of designers to come up with garments suited to the demands of the cyclist that didn’t risk the wearer being mistaken for a member of the team mending the water mains? Continue reading