My Cycling Heroine

Evelyn Hamilton 2

Evelyn Hamilton has to be my cycling hero not only (amongst other achievements) did she cycle 100 miles every day for a 100 days ‘to prove that women could equal men in physical fitness and endurance’ but she was also a style icon.

Evelyn Hamilton

Until now I’ve only managed to access pictures of her from places like the wonderful National Cycling Archive in Coventry. To my joy Jack Thurston from the Bike Show sent me these links a couple of days ago of Evelyn in action on film. I can’t embed them but here are the links. Absolutely worth a click of not just for the well spoken English man advising us that ‘cycling no handed is about as clever as giving a balloon to a hedgehog‘ absolutely classic!

Evelyn hamilton 3

We’d like to know who your cycling heroines are. Soon I’ll be running a competition with the Cycle Show to to find out so get thinking and watch this space for more details…


9 thoughts on “My Cycling Heroine

  1. This picture shows Evelyn sitting on the shoulders of her husband Jack Hamilton my uncle. They jointly owned the bike shop at Streatham.Jack also used to race and I have various medals that he won for endurance races.

    Together with my parents Arthur and Ivy Hamilton they would regularly cycle abroad.

    • Hi Dianne, thanks so much for your comment. I’ve long been a fan of Evelyn and its very exciting to hear from someone who new her personally. I’d love to speak to you further about Evelyn and Jack with a view to following up this feature. Please get in touch if you are interested

    • Not only is Evelyn one of my cycling heroines but I have just got hold of one of her frames and am restoring it to ride next year. I am a Veteran-Cycle Club member and am researching a piece on Evelyn for the club journal and to go on the Classic Lightweights website.I should like to contact you with some questions if you would be willing.If so please feel free to email me at

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  4. Hi there, just found your posting of my Great Auntie Evelyn who died in 2005. I scanned in lots of her pictures and posted them a few years back but it is a basic website and does not come up on google hits. I should probably do a better version or put on Google. Anyway, hope you like them.
    The other man she is sitting on the shoulders of (on her right) is Claud Butler.
    How did you first hear about her?

  5. Further to Michael’s comments and with his kind help I have written a short piece about Evelyn which can be found at:
    I am working on a longer version at present as I am getting more information on Evelyn every week now. I should still like help with what became of Jack Hamilton. The last I heard was that he was working for another bike shop, A.S.Gillott, as a lug filer. This was in 1951. Any further information gratefully received and credited.

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