Boris fixed at Cycle Fridays

For the past 4 weeks I’ve been leading the TFL Cycle Friday ride from Finsbury Park to Saint Pauls. Organised by the London Cycling Campaign the rides are a fun, sociable way to start your morning whether your new to cycling or experienced. Everyone that takes part gets free 3 months LCC membership (bargain) which gives you discount to bike shops across London and other member benefits.


This morning we were joined by Boris (and a lot of paparazzi) who decided half way that he’d rather ride my bike and so we swapped. Boris on my green and gold fixed and me on his Marin. Image courtesy of Ben Broomfield

boris johnson fixed

The mayor said the rides were a great way of introducing people to regular cycle commuting:

“They’re a terrific opportunity to give people who are tempted to cycle but maybe nervous of London’s roads, the opportunity to build their confidence by coming to one of several locations where they will be escorted on a commuter route into town by the wonderful marshals of the London Cycling Campaign.”

Cycle Fridays will continue for the next four Friday mornings meeting at 7:30 am onwards at the main park entrance for an 8 am start. Please come down and support us. Mines a cappuccino, one sugar and I’m rather partial to a morning chocolate croissant if you want to be extra kind.


2 thoughts on “Boris fixed at Cycle Fridays

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