Josie Dew book signing at the Cycle Show

Josie Dew has cycled some 350,000 miles across six continents and 47 countries (some of them by accident). The survivor of several wonky knees and a handful of worn-out bottom brackets, she is still firmly fixed in the saddle. She has written seven books about her travels. More recently she has towed her two-year-old daughter over 10,000 miles in a bike trailer around England.


She will be speaking and answering you questions alongside a panel of experts in the arena on Sunday the 11th October as part of Cyclodelic’s Girls Guide to Cycling at The Cycle Show this year.

We are also extremely privileged to have Josie selling signed copies of her books from our stand at D11 between 1:30 and 2:30 PM on Sunday 11th October. This is a rare chance to get to meet one of today’s most experienced cycle tourers, test her knowledge on her travels and adventures and buy a personalised copy of one of her inspirational books. Not to be missed!



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