‘Let Me Out!’ Book launch

Having fought my way through London’s rush hour in the pouring rain to arrive soaking wet at City Hall yesterday, it was nice to see that many had managed to brave the weather (several also on bikes) to celebrate the launch of Ann Kenrick’s new book ‘Let Me Out!’ – a book on how to enjoy the school run on a bike, written from Ann’s first-hand experience. Providing practical suggestions, personal experience and policy review, ‘Let Me Out!’ is the closest thing to an instructional guide for parents considering doing the school run by bike.

Amongst the gathering which included members of the LCC, Southwark Cyclists, Living Streets, London Carfree and many others was Val Shawcross, deputy chair of the Transport Committee and Labour Spokesperson for Transport, who hosted the event. Val spoke about her concerns for rising obesity levels in children, the challenge of climate change, and the importance of sustainable transport in these times of change in economy, environment and general health.

Ann then expressed her concern over the fact that by 2050 it is estimated that 70% of girls and 55% of boys will be obese, and underlined the importance of making driving to school unfashionable and promoting cycling as something that is healthy, sociable, environmentally friendly and most importantly, fun.

Before we all headed off for our last slice of banana bread (which was amazing, might I add) and to again face the great british weather, Ann made a powerful point that those fond memories that teenagers and adults today have of riding down a hill with the wind in their hair on the way to school, or of getting so excited from finding that perfect conker that could smash everybody else’s on the walk to school are memories that are quickly fading from the coming generations, and in 20 years time will probably be gone all together.

If I had children, I would buy this.

Book cover from http://www.lollypoppublishing.co.uk

‘Let Me Out!’ is published by Lollypop Publishing and can be bought at http://www.lollypoppublishing.co.uk.

by Eilidh


3 thoughts on “‘Let Me Out!’ Book launch

  1. I was given your link by Ann Kenrick, whose book launch I unfortunately missed due to flu-fidden children at home from school. Ann’s book looks very interesting and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. As a staunch advocate for my children both walking and cycling to school and to other activities I find it increasingly disappointing that so many of my fellow parents seem to drive their kids everywhere. In this way they are not only not given the opportunity to get some fresh(ish) air, but they are not given the freedom to explore, pick up conkers, learn to assess risk etc. This is such an important part of growing up. I have to say that although the 2050 obesity figures are shocking they are not surprising considering the sedentary lifestyle and poor diet so many children have. All the best with the book, Ann.
    P.S I’d love to do a link with your website…is that OK with you?

    • Hi Kate, thanks so much for your comment. Checked your website out – anything to do with food and keeping fit I love! Would be most grateful for you to link to our site. Please go ahead.
      Amy x

  2. Thanks – I’ve added you and will do a mention on my next blog. Have you met Jon Bradshaw yet? A friend brought him to my book signing and he is a bit of an inspiration – now he’s put away his bike and has taken up serious swimming – across the Atlantic! Would you like to put me on your blogroll as well? Kate

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