Cycle Fashion Show in Brighton

Cyclodelic teamed with Brighton & Hove Council to facilitate the Wheels of Fortune fashion show for the White Night Festival in Brighton on October 23rd.  Every year thousands of people gather in Brighton to celebrate the turning back of the clocks.  The show gave local retailers specializing in urban, street and sport fashion a chance to promote their products.

The catwalk for the show was built out from the steps of the Unitarian Church on the pedestrianized New Road.  The four pillared entrance of the church provided a dramatic backdrop to the bright fashions that were showcased.  Bright lighting effects and visuals projected on the facade of the building, combined with a cool mix from the DJ, featuring music from local bands and DJs made the clothes dazzle on the catwalk.  The products featured in the show were bright, modern performance inspired pieces from Addict, Cycle Chic, Cyclodelic, Brooks Running, Cyberdog, Vans, The Jog Shop, Tokyo Fixed Gear, Two n Fro and She Active.  Bikes were supplied by M’S Cycles, Cyclodelic and Cranks.  Exposure Lights helped illuminate the stage and make-up was applied by Shu Uemura, styled by Xanthe Goode.

The crowd began gathering hours before the start, in awe of the fabulous venue.  During the show, everyone was transfixed on the bright, beautiful clothing that would make anyone shine on the streets of Brighton.  Ultimately, Wheels of Fortune was a huge success and a great deal of fun.  The show definitely amplified the energy and contributed to the funky vibe of the festival.  It was a great way to celebrate the turning of the clocks!

Cycle Fashion Show

Photography by Max Letek - Black Projection -

Cycle Fashion Show

Photography by Max Letek - Black Projection -

cycle fashion show

Photography by Max Letek - Black Projection -

Cycle Fashion Show

Photography by Max Letek - Black Projection -

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One thought on “Cycle Fashion Show in Brighton

  1. Well done Cyclodelic and Amy for yet another wonderful show!! I wasn’t there but from the pics and report it sounds ace. Well done and keep up your excellent hard work. Also great to see you looking glam and chic on LCC’s new membership leaflet ;o)

    best wishes

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