Organic T Shirts at CYCLODELIC

If you were not already aware, CYCLODELIC only uses bamboo jersey in the production of our reflective screen printed T shirts.  We source our t shirts from the pioneers of certified organic printing.  Based in Bath, our printers were the Soil Association’s first certified organic T shirt printer.

For a T shirt to be certified organic every input must be recorded of its production from seed to a finished garment, so that the finished product is fully traceable.  This ensures that there has been no contamination and that the T shirt is 100% organic.

At CYCLODELIC our T shirts are only produced from bamboo jersey.  There are many benefits to wearing bamboo clothing.  For one, it is softer than cotton and feels similar to silk.  It is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic.  Bamboo fabric is quick to absorb moisture, keeping you dry and odor free no matter the weather.

Production of organic clothing has a significantly lower impact on the environment than conventional methods.  Check out our Reflective Bamboo T shirts as well as our Reflective Gift set, and make your contribution to the environment!


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