Bike Style Melbourne

At the beginning of this week Chris and I left our bikes, packed our bags and flew to the land of kangaroos (of which I haven’t see any yet) to meet with our upside down cycling friends and enjoy Christmas in the sunshine.

Yesterday we headed into Melbourne to check out the cycle scene there and do some “research” (a.k.a shopping sssh!).

It was  good to see such an upsurgence here in not only people riding bicycles but also the amount of bicycle inspired consumer goods which in turn create awareness of bicycles and give me an excuse to buy shiny things. I’m loving my new ‘gold nut and pearl’ earrings (pictured) from Glint by Mich bought for $35 in Lenko Boutique that also came in the most fantastic take-a-way chic packaging!!

However, the mass marketing of bicycle related goods can go too far and it is always worrying when you see cycles on sale for ‘$99 when you spend $199’ or more in store as in the picture below taken of high street store ‘Industry’.


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