The You Yangs

Since meeting with Rachel Atherton and Jaymie Mart at our women’s events at The Cycle Show I’ve been yearning to give mountain biking a go. Today I finally got the chance to trade in skinny tyres for fat and tarmac for dirt as we headed to the You Yangs in Victoria, Australia to hit the trails.

After all the anticipation I’d like to say I loved it but after a month off from any bicycle action between my thighs, coupled with the unfamiliar terrain and a bike that was built for a 6 ft boy and not a 5 ft 5 girl I actually found it rather unnerving.

It wasn’t so much the steep downhills or dodging the rocks and tree roots but the tight, narrow turns and weird s

ensation of being on a free wheel, relying on brakes that made the wheels slip in the gravel covered paths that caught me off guard.

The boys consolidated me by admitting they had, perhaps, picked a route that was actually rather tricky for a “beginner” . Despite this I still had fun and seeing an echidna on the top of the route and stroking its quivering spines made the day all the more worthwhile!

Hopefully with a more suitable bike and familiar mud and dirt tracks I can give it another go when back in the UK in time for the Muc Off 8 event that we’re set to sponsor in the Spring!

If anyone has any tips or advice on where to ride do let me know!


2 thoughts on “The You Yangs

  1. Perhaps a non-downhill specific mountain bike would have been a better choice for a beginner. That’s some pretty specialist kit you’re sat on, made for going down hills fast but not up them or just tooling around the woods on.

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