Fill that hole!

Has anyone noticed just how many new pot holes appear in London at this time of year? It’s a lot. A year ago a good friend of mine was badly injured and incurred £900 of damage to his beautiful yellow bicycle when hitting a pot hole near Whitechapel. There are two new ones in particular in the city (Theobolds road and Threadneedle Street) that send a shudder through me every time I dodge past them on my skinny tyres.

Such was my excitement when I found out you can report them, I had to write about it here. What’s more is if just 20 people report the same hole then TFL have to fill it in. SO get reporting everyone please, lets have a Summer of smooth roads around London.

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One thought on “Fill that hole!

  1. I agree that these massive pot holes should be filled – I know just the one you mean on Theobolds Rd, but have little simpathy for your friend with a bike that’s worth £900 . Anyone driving a bike like that on the streets of London is a t*@t.

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