FREE February

It’s that month again, you know; the F word that trudges on between January & March. February (there said it!), has often been thought of as the most dreaded month of the year, whether its because of seasonal blues & sniffles or a silent letterbox on the 14th. I’m not knocking Valentines day but I do find it a smidge disheartening that you should only take one day per annum to celebrate your loved one. So here’s the deal, we’re becoming Finnish for February! In Finland they have “Friend’s Day” instead of Valentines day, the emphasis is on showing your friends you love & appreciate them & as the Finnish custom seems like its something that could only be improved upon by declaring that the whole month of February be given over to this noble pursuit (thus banishing winter blues with bike rides & bake offs, feasts & frivolity, all around the rosie glow of friendship..). So to show you how comitted we are to the spirit of this, we’re going to offer FREE POSTAGE for everyone for the month of February, save on postage & treat your friends with the savings.. simple eh? Visit


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