Cycle Ride to Richmond Park

Today marked our first long(ish) ride of the year. Thinking we’d go fairly easy on ourselves Sarah, Xanthe and I headed out West to Richmond park. As we got there the sun began to beam through the clouds and once away from the cars we could enjoy riding through the open landscape. There were herds of young deer everywhere and it was good to see lots of other cyclists out enjoying the crisp weather.

It wasn’t long, however, before our extremities had morphed from soft fingers and toes into hard blocks of ice, which meant only one thing… time for cake. The park cafe had a good selection, there were generous slices of moist carrot and chocolate cake but we opted for a traditional cream tea with only slight regret after spotting home made cheese cake (my favourite!) at the counter. Unfortunately for Sarah, despite it being a busy cafe they only take cash and seeing as Xanthe and I never seem to learn that a lot of places still don’t accept plastic the treats were on her. Thanks.

On the way back we mistakenly took what we thought would be a quick route back to Mayfair down the Fulham Road. Unfortunately for us there was a big match at the Chelsea Stadium and this was spilling out time. I used to go to Kensington and Chelsea College so was used to the crowds and police on horse back but never had I seen so many police , horses, dogs and riot vans. As we turned the corner the crowd suddenly erupted and fights started to break out so we dashed down the nearest side street happy to have our bicycles to aid our getaway.

Top 3 Tips for an enjoyable ride around Richmond Park:

1 – If you’re having to travel through from East to West check whether or not its a match day at Chelsea Stadium and if so plan another route.

2 – Take cash if you want cake (I know you do!)

3 – Arrive early, the park roads get very crowded with deer spotters as the day goes on. We made the mistake of rocking up around 12.30 and the traffic was terrible.


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