Keep your hands warm with latex!

When my friend John came over sporting a pair of latex gloves under his ordinary cycling pair last week I must admit I wasn’t sure. However, when Xanthe appeared a couple of days later employing the same trick, except hers were lilac of course (don’t ask me where she got them from) I had to take notice.

If you, like me, despite the non stop cold and gloom feel as though you couldn’t possibly purchase a pair of winter gloves now so close to Spring (I keep telling myself we’re nearly there!) then listen in! Latex gloves are the answer to all your frozen finger sorrows, they’re cheap/free, waterproof and wind resistant and when worn under your nice wooly or leather gloves = happy hands in any weather.


6 thoughts on “Keep your hands warm with latex!

  1. Amen to that! Went for the tramp look the other week and put shopping bags underneath my shoes to keep water out. What is it with converse shoes they seem to just attract water? Nothing worse than sitting in a theatre play with water poring out of your shoes

  2. It actually only really works if you wear them over the top….. gloves still get soggy otherwise. Still, if its dry & your gloves of choice have rubbish seams wot let cold air in on your fingertippies, then under works quite well & it feels kinda kinky.
    Oh & my lilac numbers aren’t latex, they are Nitrile extra small & powdered too… & Amy, I remember latex socks all too well, those bobble soled verruca thingies that always spoil your cool down the pool, but if you want to wear them as overshoes, be my guest, I’ll have the camera ready…

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