Secret London

I often get asked by new cyclists ‘is there anywhere to find out about hidden treasures in London apart from just riding around and coming across them?’.

I don’t read the papers regularly as I find their too often full of doom & gloom and am a believer in the New York mantra that “if the news is important enough it will find me.” However, being Sunday and having settled comfortably at my kitchen table with a slice of my Grans homemade cherry and almond cake and a pot of coffee far too big for one person, I felt prepared to flick through Fridays edition of the Evening Standard and was thrilled to find out about Secret London, a new website created by 21 year old Londoner, Tiffany Phillippou.

Starting life as a facebook group, Secret London was an overnight success attracting more than 80,000 members in the first week. Check it out now and share ideas on anything from ‘where is the best kebab place around oxford circus?‘ to ‘Any unmissable poetry and prose open mic nights to go to?


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