Cyclodelic Top Tips for Cycling with Style in March Weight Watchers magazine

Cyclodelic’s Amy Fleuriot gives her top cycling tips in Weight Watcher’s March 2010 magazine:

  • Just get started. You don’t need a fancy bike.  Use what you have; you can upgrade later.
  • Invest in a good base layer. Cashmere and merino wool are perfect, as they breathe and don’t tend to smell.
  • Get the accessories right. A scarf will keep your neck warm, protect your hair from wind and combat hat hair when worn under a helmet.  Arm warmers will add warmth and double up as gloves.
  • Keep dry. If it’s raining, wear thick tights or leggings and a dress rather than jeans and trousers, as you’ll find they dry far more quickly.
  • Stay visible. Wearing bright clothing will make you more visible, a cycle bell is good for warning pedestrians, and LED lights are inexpensive and very useful.
  • Be safe. Just a few hours of cycle training is invaluable.  Check out for an instructor near you.

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