5 day paint job

MONDAY After being stripped and sandblasted by Bikeworks, Chris and I collected the frame and parts of the Raleigh Caprice Jim from Bikeworks had found for my Dream Bike design and we cycled them back to Cyclodelic HQ. After fully restoring any imperfections in the frame Chris gave the frame, forks, chain guard and mudguard stays two base coats before spraying everything gold. Unfortunately the first gold we’d chosen just wasn’t quite gold enough in my mind and so a trip back to Halfords was in order to rectify the situation before I had a golden tantrum. Fortunately (for Chris) he chose well this time and after two more cans the bike gleamed a beautiful pale gold.

TUESDAY After a couple of nights deliberation over the best way to achieve the design whilst also making sure it was finished in time for this years Bike Week rather than Bike Week 2011 we decided to hand paint the Harlequin pattern rather than spray it. Next began the painstaking process of masking off the diamonds. This took Chris 3 hours.

WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY Once the frame, fork and chain guard were masked off Chris began the laborious task of painting each individual diamond one of 4 colours, magenta, azure, lime and orange making sure that no two ever touched. This took Chris 2.5 days.

FRIDAY After 2-3 coats of each colour the paint was left to dry overnight and in the morning it was time to peel off the pinstriping tape. Although there were a few bleeds and imperfections (such as are to be had on a hand painted object) we all agreed that it looked bloody marvelous!! After the lacquer was applied we left it to dry in the sunshine, which had, through some divine act remained throughout the entire process. Well done to Chris for his fantastic effort with the paint next back to Bikeworks to piece it all together…


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