1050 Miles over 15 days on a fold-up Bike…

Ruth and her Fold-Up Bicycle

This month, Ruth Nicol has been riding her bicycle across the entire UK.  She isn’t traveling on a top end road bike, or even a comfortable cruiser.  That would be far too easy.  Ruth is making the 1600+ Km journey on a folding bicycle. ‘Cycling for 70 miles each day for 15 consecutive days on a bike with 16 inch wheels and 6 gears isn’t going to be the most relaxing thing to do, but I’m excited at the prospect of attempting something I’m not sure I can achieve…’ Ruth said on her website, which can be accessed by clicking this link.

By the end of her journey, Ruth will have climbed more than the height of Mount Everest and Ben Nevis combined!  Ruth has been preparing for the ride since January 2009, including rides around Arthur’s Seat hill in Edinburgh one or more times each weekday, while filling weekend free-time with longer rides.  You may find yourself asking, ‘Why is Ruth doing this?’

She has chosen to ride in support of the British charity “Barnardo’s” which fundraises over 415 projects across the UK.  Their work positively affects the lives of millions, dealing with issues such as drug misuse, disability, youth crime, sexual abuse, mental health, domestic violence, poverty, and homeless families.  She is also raising money for Sustrans, a sustainable transportation movement that stresses the need to develop and promote more efficient transport.  You can donate to either these causes on Ruth’s website, or click these direct links below.

Ruth Nicol- Donate to Barnardo’s

Ruth Nicol- Donate to Sustrans

We are proud to support Ruth on her journey; by donating a Kimono Softshell Jacket, Scarf, and Ankle Cuff Ruth will keep warm while looking great!


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