Cyclodelic appoints first Glambassador

At Cyclodelic we’re very proud to introduce our first brand Glambassador, cyclist, runner, model and actress Emily Milburn.

Emily started acting in 1990 and found a love for the performance arts during school; while becoming involved in musical theatre.


It all started in 1992 when Emily began auditioning for film and TV in Melbourne Australia.  In 1995, she landed her first major role in an ABC/BBC co-production of The Genie From Down Under: a children’s mini series in which she played a stuck up English school girl named Marcia Huntly.  The show was set in both the Outback of Australia and England.


In 1997, after participating in various courses at both The National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Sydney and The Victorian College of Arts in Melbourne, Emily joined the cast of Neighbours. Her major role was playing the character Caitlin Atkins, which lasted a year and a half. Caitlyn Atkins was a sporty, feisty addition to Ramsey Street; best known for her long running ‘Love triangle’ with Billy (Jesse Spensor)and Anne (Brook Satchwell).  Emily participated in voice training at the Victorian College of Arts, singing lessons, various workshops and part time Jazz Ballet training at The Dance Factory in Melbourne, all while acting in various TV commercials.


At the end of 1998, Emily spent time in London promoting Neighbours, while appearing on cable television in both London and Scotland for Disney and the BBC.  Then in 1999, she was featured as a swimwear model for the labels ‘Melt’ and ‘Piping Hot’.  From the year 2000 and onward, Emily has enjoyed being involved in various projects in Melbourne including Fringe Festivals, dance music videos, work as a voice over artist and being a creative part of Drama With A Differece Holiday Program for kids. In 2002 she had a small role in the feature film One Perfect Day, directed by Paul Curry.


Emily has been represented by ‘Frog Management’ and more recently ‘Hennessey Harmen Management’ out of Melbourne, auditioning for roles regularly.
More recently, she has a newfound passion in the fitness industry as both runner and cyclist. Emily is a qualified Spin Instructor, but enjoys running with the London Club ‘The Highgate Harries.’ Emily regularly participates in half marathons such as Wokingham, Henley, and The Regents Park Summer Sessions 10km race.


When she isn’t beating personal best times, Emily is a commuter cyclist in London throughout all seasons.  She’s currently completing a bike build of her dream fixie and looks forward to getting on the bike for Cyclodelic!
Emily  has an interest in fashion and marketing.  Her visual merchandising background includes experience working for Country Road Australia and at the Gap in London for 8 months after moving in 2008.
Emily is highly motivated yet finds joy in life’s simple things. She believes her purpose in life is to be a gift of love, learning from every experience while inspiring both herself and others……. and
as any Londoner, she knows to expect the unexpected!


Emily looks forward to posting on Cyclodelic’s blog regularly, in hopes to be an inspirational insight into the mind of an everyday woman striving to be the best she can. Her goal is to be your ‘Monday Fix’ of information and inspiration for the week!

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