Ruth Nicol’s Journey Update

Ruth Nicol is doing a wonderful job riding for great fundraising causes.  Here is an email she recently sent, to keep us updated on her journey.

Just to let you know that I finished the mammoth cycle ride on Saturday and cycled all 1052 miles – I’m proud to say that I didn’t walk up any of the hills, though did stop several times on a couple of the monster ones….In fact, on the way up to Dent station, I spotted 20 yards ahead of me, an old lady with a walking stick, and aimed to overtake her – and failed – I was too slow even for that!

I will be putting together a retrospective journal of the trip over the next few weeks. I wasn’t able to do it at the time because I had no spare time nor energy. As soon as I finished each day, I had to put up my tent, sort out my stuff, shower, etc, eat then head to bed. Also, I had to leave my camera behind after a few days, just to save on weight. So I’ll be using my shots from the first few days together with photos taken my the other people taking part.
The journey itself was HARD, and we also had a headwind of varying ferocity on all days except one, which added to the difficulty. My enormous Brompton bag seemed to act like a giant anchor, too.

I would really recommend the trip, though – it was an amazing experience.
Your (Cyclodelic) clothing got a lot of compliments, like I said in the postcard. I really loved the lightweight t-shirt and will be ordering another one myself.  I was really impressed with how cool it remained, even in very hot weather, and I really liked the fit. The jacket travelled in my front bag or on my person for all 1052 miles, and was absolutely brilliant. I rode the whole way without the use of lycra, cycling shorts, padding of any kind or any special shoes (just my ordinary shorts and shoes) – and no problem/soreness/aches at all.
I know that several blokes have done the LEJOG on a Brompton, but can’t find any evidence of any women – so, who knows, maybe I’m the first – hurrah!
The donations are still coming in – and thanks very much for the links on your page – I’m now at £1,556.55, with more promised – the Barnardo’s fund has exceeded its target, which is absolutely brilliant.  I’ve been really inspired with how generous and supportive people have been – incredibly so, and I really valued your super-generous donation of such lovely clothing.
Like I say, I will put together the journal and photos over the next few weeks, and will send them on to you just as soon as it’s done.  Look out for Ruth’s journal and photos coming soon on our blog, keep up the amazing work Ruth!

Ruth Nicol’s Fundraising for Sustrans

Ruth Nicol’s Fundraising for Barnados


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