Cocktails, Soho and the Dunwich Dynamo…

Wow! What an action packed time I had last week!

On Thursday night, Amy and I went to the Red Bull head office for the Charge Bike 2010 Launch party to check out the new bicycles and clothing range. It was beautifully presented throughout the ground floor bar area of the Red Bull offices. After getting ourselves slightly lost downstairs in the basement toilet and almost having to call a friend to rescue us we got comfy in the lounge area amongst the gorgeous display of saddles, handles bars, tape, wheels and bike accessories. I have a wish list already!

So good they almost look edible! Candy coloured saddles by Charge.

After that we cycled over to the Champfest Magazine Launch. There was some really interesting art work there and it was nice to meet the two creaters of the mag, Monique and Jo, twins from Adelaide, Australia. I was really impressed with them for doing so well here in London 🙂

Chris, Damien chat to Monique, one half of the Champfest Magazine duo

By that stage Amy and I had already had 5 Mojitos from the Charge Party before hand! We were nicely tipsy but I managed NOT to stack my bike!

On Friday Amy, Chris and I rode over to Tokyo Fixed Gear, a great bike shop in Soho specialising in fixed gear parts and Japanese streetwear, we had a delicious pub lunch off seven dials and then hopped over to Velorution to check up on the Cyclodelic stock there. It was only on the way back that I noticed my headset was loose but luckily Chris had a good friend at the London Bicycle Workshop, a new store just off high Holborn who were on hand to save the day – if only they also had a cure for my boney butt which is hurting AGAIN!!! How will I cope during the Dunwich Dynamo I do not know!!!!

So this week I cant help but have the self inflicted pain of the 120 mile night ride that is the Dunwich Dynamo lingering on my mind….This time next week I’ll probably need a bumless wheelchair! The truth is I’ve resided to the fact that I’m definitely riding it and there is no turning back now, but I’m still pulling out the excuses left right and centre! “Oh but the saddle pain”, “It will wear my nice new Halo tires out!”, “Maybe I’ll cycle too slowly, don’t wanna hold you back…”, “Only if Seb does it too….!!”….. To all this silly talk, my friends have combating reasons to all…So excuses aside, I’m up for the challenge! And I’m actually really excited now, its all in good fun! My butt is telling me to think positive thoughts and wear those damned padded cycle shorts with pride 🙂


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