Monday Fix 2 – The Benefits of Low G.I. Foods

This week I thought I’d share with you, the benefits of a low GI diet.

Why not introduce a few different foods into your diet that may help you get more out of your day by slowly releasing energy and making you feel fuller for longer. GI or glycemic index, measures the speed that your body breaks down carbohydrates and converts them to glucose, the vehicle your body uses for energy. The faster the food breaks down, the higher the rating on the index. When trying to lose weight I find it critical to avoid foods that have High G.I. and to eat Low G.I. foods instead.

Different sports require different dietary needs, for example before going for a jog or running High G.I. foods work best; fruits such as bananas and dried apricots, jam on white toast and sweet sugery sports drinks that have energy that can be burnt up fast for immediate results.

But, before cycling, longer lasting energy is required and this is where Low G.I. is best. Foods such as brown long grain rice, natural oats, apples, orange and  kiwi fruits, almonds, legumes such as lentils, chick peas and beans, raw tomato and low fat yogurt. All these have a low glycemic index and with slow energy release will keep you fuelled for longer. If it was not for these foods I would not have made through the 120 miles of the Dunwhich Dynamo over the weekend!

This week I found it helpful to introducing beans and lentils into my salad lunches adding to spinach leaves, cucumber and fresh tomato for a hearty, long lasting meal that kept my energy levels up after the exertion of the Dynamo over the weekend! Legumes are high in fibre and protein and pass through your digestive system quickly but keep the hunger pains at bay. Always drink lots of water up to 3 litres a day and try to make the most of the long summer days by getting up an hour earlier for a brisk walk or even better a jog. A hit of caffeine always gets me out the door and in 23 days you should be in a routine to see you through the next few months. Reward yourself with a low G.I. breakfast when you get back! Enjoy feeling the benefits of your new found energy 🙂

Quick tips:

  • Wash lentils before cooking to reduce the effect of bloating that can occur.
  • Canned legumes are a great alternative to cooking if out of time.
  • Lightly season your salads and add herbs for extra flavour.
  • Remember to include all food groups in your diet including good fats, carbohydrates and protein.
  • Have a fun and energetic week!
Emily x


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