Monday Fix No. 4 – Flying with your bike!

This week Amy is off to Australia for three weeks to show at Ausbike and research the bike market in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. I thought it would be a good chance to find out the rules and regulations on flying international with your bike.

After chatting with friends and doing my own investigating I have found out that it is not as difficult and expensive as at first thought. International travel is still highly desired amongst many bicycle travelers; so how do you fly with your bike and avoid the fees imposed by most major airlines?

First of all find out your check in luggage limit, usually the wieght of your bike can be included in this, meaning you only get charged a fee if the combined weight of your suitcase and cycle exceeds it. In most cases this still allows you to carry a substantial amount of other luggage.

There are plenty of bike bags and hard cases available. If you are on a budget get a bike box from your local bicycle shop and pack this out with newspaper / bubble wrap. Avoid cycling to the airport – better to be ready packed. And finally, if you are not breaking your bike down yourself do make sure you know how to build it back up at the other end!

For more information we found the following sites useful or just check your individual airline…

Bicycle Touring Pro

Cycle Tourer


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