New bags and thanks to the talented Nadia

Cyclodelic saddle bags in production…

The past couple of weeks have been super busy at Cyclodelic HQ with the confirmation of 3 new UK stockists, to be announced shortly. It seems that this month it’s all about our saddle bags with a feature in August’s ‘Company Magazine’. And so with orders flying in I set off to my old university to source a future accessories talent that could help with the production. Luckily, I found London College of Fashion Cordwainers student, Nadia, who quickly got stuck in to get them finished. Our saddle bags are hand produced to the highest standard from start to finish in our London studio allowing us to add a little personality and a lot of love into each one we make. Lots of cups of coffee, 2 packets of sea salt dark chocolate (yes that is correct and it really is yummy) and 16 bags later and the new batch was born. Well done Nadia! Now time to start on the next lot…


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