Monday Fix No 6 Sky Ride

What a kick start to my Sunday! I set off on an early morning ride to Stockwell Skate Park to watch the filming of Fixed Gear London’s Christopher Delia before leaving to participate in the Mayor of London’s Sky Ride. This event is held every year for the public to have the opportunity to cycle free of traffic around a six mile loop of the vibrant city’s most famous land marks. It was a hugely successful event, well organized by the officials of the ride. I saw pimped up bikes and crazy outfits, BMX’s, Fixed Bikes, Tandems, Go Bikes, Road Bikes and tiny little children on bikes. It was a lot of fun. There was plenty of entertainment en route and the weather was fine and perfect for cycling with not a drop of rain in sight!

My personal highlights were  flying through the tunnel along Embankment to the beat of live drums and passing Buckingham Palace, waving to the Queen. Im sure she was watching us all! I think there will be a few bruises starting to appear today after all the stacks I saw along the way, hope everyone is OK! The London Skyride is a great way to encourage us all to live a cleaner, greener, healthier life style.  Thank you Boris, we heart you!!

Emily x

Skyride map


One thought on “Monday Fix No 6 Sky Ride

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