Juli-ette Lipgloss, g-ette ready!!

At Cyclodelic we love our lipstick and also know first hand how important it is to keep our lips protected whilst riding or working out in the elements espeicially with the chill Winter months ahead. Imagine our excitement then, when fellow fixed gear London rider and good friend Juliette announced the launch of her moisturising new lipstick in collaboration with Les-ettes! Full details below and watch this space for further details of the launch.
‘Juli-ette’ is the new lipgloss by Les Ettes in collaboration with Juliet Elliott, East London renegade, famous world wide for her fixed gear bike skills and her gregarious attitude towards life.
‘Juli-ette’ lipgloss accents the natural beauty of lips. Not only does it add a delicate red shimmer but it also moisturizes and protects the lips. The lipgloss comes in a slick and sleek black mirror tin made of recycled plastic in a box featuring Juliet Elliott’s artwork.
Retail price is 11,80 Euro. Juli-ette can be found in selected shops or here: www.lesettes.com/shop/.

Juliet Elliott’s flair and confidence has paved a past of dream professions. From being a pro snowboarder to modeling for Italian Vogue magazine and touring the world in a metal band, Juliet now stands strong as a professional fixed gear biker. If all that wasn’t enough, she still finds time to run her own public relations agency out of London and design graphics for various brands including Hell Yeah, her own streetwear label. Her natural exhilaration and on-the-move lifestyle means she’s always pushing her limits-and is generally seen with scraped up knees and a smile on her face.

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