Monday Fix No. 7

This week Amy arrived back in London and we were straight into preparations for the I Bike Cambridge Exhibition. Its been a weekend of cut and paste; printing, mounting and framing. We have been lucky in that the majority of the hard work has been done already during Summer last year where Cyclodelic ran design workshops with the wonderful students from CSVPA, Impington Village College and Netherhall Sixth Form college. Our job is to display their posters, photographs, t shirts and bicycles beautifully, invite guests and make sure the event runs smoothly. As usual lots of attention has been paid to detail and presentation and I cant wait to get there and put it up. We are all looking forward to the day ahead, this Monday will certainly be all about bicycle bling… cant wait to show you all!!
Tips for putting on a show with jet lag OR a show with someone with jet lag!
  • Make a list and check it twice
  • Adhesive glue and Gaffa (WILL hold the world together)
  • Have fun and celebrate at the end with our Sunday afternoon friend Bloody Mary!
  • DON’T leave vital props outside at the mercy of feral animals or Hiro!!! 😉
Have a fun week, and wish us luck today!
Emily x

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