Monday Fix No.9

With the track and field season behind us it’s time for cross country winter training again. Unfortunately for me I’ve suffered an injury this summer that has meant struggling to get the results I was aiming for on the track. But now, after maintaining a consistent light training routine I’m feeling ready to race cross country this winter. Hill training plays a huge part in getting the body prepared for this, so this week I’m going to start to introduce light hill runs into my regime.
With hill training there is less impact on the joints, you get a higher heart rate and can burn more calories by travelling less distance. By increasing your exercise over winter you will find you stay warmer with stronger blood circulation. So, try to find time to fit a quick sweat session into your day and reward yourself with lots of fun shenanigans with your favorite people on the weekends!
If you are training in London, North, South, East or West, check out some of my choice parks for cross country training and events…

  • Hampstead Heath ( My fave place to train in the world, all seasons)
  • Victoria Park ( The loop around the lakes has a perfect gradual incline)
  • Richmond Park is always a fantastic challenging run, great hills, scenic vistas and you have the wild deer to cheer you on. Excellent for Cycling too. Sheen Shufflers and Barnes Runners both train at Richmond Park and are great, friendly clubs to run with.
  • Greenwich Park is also famous for its hills with a great view over Canary Wharf from the top, if you are south bound.
Have a great week!
Emily x

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