Monday Fix No 10

This week I have definitely been feeling the cold and gloves are once again becoming a bike ride essential. Rather than letting the weather stop me I’ve kept warm and dry by testing our new Cyclodelic waterproof jacket, cycling to Hampstead Heath for a two lap run almost every day – first lap warm up, second fast, about 15 km total.

Andrea (Cyclodelic’s official photographer) rode up to the Heath with me one of the days to share the experience and take some shots of our sports dresses in action. On the way back  along Balls Pond Road it was the final straw for my pedal cages (which Amy and Chris have been telling me to change for months) when at the lights on Balls Pond Road I couldn’t get my foot out and fell straight to the ground! Rather embarrassing. Thank goodness it wasn’t in front of my ex boyfriend whom I’d passed earlier that day!! So this week we are saying bye bye to cages and hello! to Power Grips.

Power Grips

Its the 10th Monday Fix so i thought id celebrate with my Top 10 must do’s this week…..

1) Try moving the impossible by bicycle. This week I helped Andrea move house with Chris’s Mission Workshop bag which definitely lived up to the hype.
2) Tip the legendary guitar busker guy next time you pass him at the ramp on the way to Sainsbury’s.
3) Send out your CV to the dream job you want but that you keep procrastinating about.
4) Give your number to that gorgeous guy you spotted, at the least he will be flattered, you might make his day, he may even call…
5) Relax in a bath and put on face mask, just don’t open the door to the postman unless your prepared to scare.
6) Paint your nails red with the best nail lacquer in the  world OPI ‘The Thrill Of Brazil’ .
7) Walk/run/cycle a bit faster.
8 ) Eat dark chocolate…mmm.
9) Buy a print of a work of art you like and get it framed and on the wall. We are getting never ending joy from our Artcrank purchases.
10) Have fun like a kid and laugh!
Super Artcrank by Laura-Kate Draws
Don’t let the colder weather stop you this week, get out there, have fun with your friends and be safe. Have a great week!

Emily x

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