Emily’s Monday Fix No 12…Two Wheels Are Better Than Four

Lets do our bit where we can! In the past helping families getting their kids to school, I have almost always been expected to drive the children sometimes only down the road to and from school by car. This means traffic, finding a car parking space, petrol, insurance…etc!  I have been really lucky over the past few months to work closely with two lovely kids aged 4 and 6yrs who are so enthusiastic about riding there bikes that we now cycle to and from school everyday rain, hail or shine!
After initially meeting the family, the children quickly realised my love for bikes. Sienna, the 6yr old girl, was particularly impressed with my colourful tyres and immediately introduced me to her bicycle, keen for us to go for a pedal together. As my first week was during school holidays we had plenty of time to spend together exploring Victoria Park, London Fields and the Canals of the East and by the time school commenced they were very confident little cyclists.
It didn’t take too much coaching for me to feel confident that they understood road rules and safety. Teaching them to stay left and stop at every street so that we can always cross together. The key to Winter cycling success is to keep them wrapped up on crisper mornings by dressing them in gloves, scarves, tights and of course helmets, bells and lights.
With the recent cut of Cycling England leaving the future of Bikeability hanging in the balance, it is up to us as parents, nannies, sisters and friends to make sure that we don’t now have another generation lost to the joys of cycling. With safety always in mind the children have become  familiar with direction, road rules and correct cycling etiquette. In a city that is already leading the way in cycling as a way of life I think there is nothing wrong with ditching the car for two wheels at any time!
Time spent getting to and from school is quicker.
Save money spent on petrol.
It’s greener and saves our planet from car pollution.
Keeps the kids (and you!) fit.
Tires them out at the end of the day.
Exposes children to the popular and friendly bicycle community.
Gets the blood circulating especially in the mornings and will keep them warmer through winter.
The oxygen to the brain gets them alert for a day at school.
…and of course its totally fun!
Make every day an adventure and maybe even start a trend amongst the other parents and children at your school! Cycling for all ages is fun 🙂
Have a great week,
Emily x

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