Dad conquers “The Nose”

It’s not often enough that I am hit by such a wave of happiness and relief that I burst into tears but that’s exactly what happened when I received news that my Dad, Paul Fleuriot, a climber, artist and tree surgeon, at the ripe age of 51 and exactly 1 year after a serious motorbike accident almost put him out of action for good, has climbed El Capitan with his friend Marcus.

Probably one of the most famous climbs in the world, “The Nose” is attempted by many experienced climbers each year but only has a success rate of around 60%, typically taking fit climbers 4–5 days of full climbing, quite impressive I’m sure you will agree.

Well done Dad, I am very proud.


6 thoughts on “Dad conquers “The Nose”

  1. I am also very impressed by this climbing achivement.
    Well done cousin Paul Fleuriot.
    Your achivement on the Nose is remarcable.
    Your relies are proud of you down under in Australia.
    Clive Webb/ Fleuriot

  2. Congratulations – if a little belated – to Paul. I knew your Dad in the early 80’s when he was a student at Hounslow. He was just beginning his climbing back then with his good friend Ray Bowden. We wiled away many an evening 🙂

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