Emily’s Monday Fix No. 13 – Cycling Holidays

If like me you live in a city, this week why not plan a break, whether that be to the country side or as far away as Australia. I’m all for adventure and I love exploring and when I combine that with my bicycle I always see more.

On the way to Fiskado with the wrong shoes!

My all time favorite place to cycle is Kefalonia Island situated roughly 30 miles off the west coast of mainland Greece.  The whole Island is very beautiful and green but the northern end is like a second home to me. Surrounded by the Ionian sea there are spectacular views east out to Ithaki and out west to Greece’s most famous beach, Myrtos. Every time I’m there I borrow a bike and ride to the most amazing destinations on the Island, discovering ancient sites and ruins and secluded beaches, all through stunning country ride.

When in Kefalonia I stay in Agria Efamia, a small Village located in a central spot on the Island. Using this as my base I can ride to Myrtos for the sunset, Assos for a 32 minute hill climb challenge or Sami only 10kms away and rich with the ancient history of the three cities and the acropolis of Sami up in the hills. For a more challenging bike ride, Fiskado is very beautiful and the pre 1963 Earthquake, original Venitian style buildings are still standing. Just make sure you wear the right shoes for this one!

Kefalonia has no shortage of other activities too, I love swimming and jumping off the huge white rocks into the crystal blue water and the Greek nights with traditional music and food.  The best thing is that at the end of the day you can relax at any of the locally owned bars and restaurants and be well looked after while recovering from your days fun.

A view of Assos from the Castle

Tips for holiday rides:

Take a comfortable backpack, pannier or saddle bag for long rides and include…

A phone in case of emergency

Check a map first to get your distances right before. Road signs are pretty clear but not always so take a map with you.

Water and slow energy releasing snacks such as dried fruit, nuts and flapjacks

Make sure your bike is checked over and get your tyres pumped up before you leave. I’d love to have my fixed bike with me but having a geared bike helps so much in the rugged conditions while still being challenging.

Definitely wear the right shoes, I rode 3hrs to Fiskado in a skirt and silver flats, hmm big mistake!

Just because your on holiday doesn’t mean you have to soften up! Try setting a goal, test yourself, see great amazing things.. and then pass out on a beach!

For more info and all your travel needs contact Johnny at www.kefaloniatravel.com

Have fun and explore!!

Emily x

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