We all love our bikes.

So imagine the spiraling feeling of devastation in coming back to find a broken lock & missing bike. It’s completely horrible, but hundred of thousands of bikes are stolen every year!

One of the best solutions is to lock your bike up properly & leave it in the right place. But we wanted to see how safe you can make you bike! Enter your idea on how to lock it, where to put it, & what to do to it to make your beloved bicycle ninja-thief-proof!

How To Enter: submit an image in {GoingGoingBike’s Bike Love section} of the safest you can make your bike. See the ‘How To Enter’ video {See at the end of the blog entry} for some ideas they’ve come up with so far.

The top 5 images will be chosen based on public vote; from there a panel of judges {including Cyclodelic’s very own Amy Fleuriot} will choose one winner. The winner will receive a full high vis kit from PROVIS {jacket, helmet, & rucksack cover}. All runners up will receive a PROVIS helmet.
Or if you’ve got a really crazy idea & don’t know how to photograph it, just describe it on theGoingGoingBike Facebook site where the top 5 favorite entries will win Cycleguard bike insurance. They will also be holding weekly Twitter competitions.

The submission deadline is November 25th, & voting ends on November 30th. The winner will be announced on December 2nd.

Join in and help your fellow cyclist by showing them how to lock up their bike better!
For an expert view on how to lock up your bike safely check out Barry Mason’s Guide.


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