Demand Fair Play for London 2012!

Are workers being paid fair wages for their contribution to the London Olympics?

As the Olympic Games will be held on London soil for the year 2012, nothing but immense pride can be felt. It is always an honour and privilege to be the host country of this important part of tradition and history. The last thing we would wish is to taint that image with… Reality.

There is no denying the truth behind what really goes on during the production process of everything we see branded with the Olympic rings. Workers that manufacture the merchandise for the Olympics and gear worn by the athletes, making the Games possible, are exploited and their human rights are encroached upon.

“There is no excuse for this. The Olympics is a multi – million pound industry. Adidas’ £100m sponsorship fee for the London games would pay over 400,000 Chinese sportswear workers’ wages for a year. An Indian football stitcher would have to sew 13 million balls a year to earn the same as Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer – that’s almost 100 per minute” (Playfair 2012).

Victoria Pendleton sprints to Gold in the velodrome wearing Adidas.


The Trades Union Congress and Labour Behind The Label (the UK Cleans Clothes Campaign) have teamed together to launch Playfair 2012.

Playfair was created in 2004 against the contradiction posed between the philosophy of ‘respect for universal fundamental ethical principle’ claimed by the Olympics Charter and the atrocities that occur within the factories that produce the merchandise branded with the Olympic logo. The campaign’s objective is to ensure that the London 2012 Games organisers, the International Olympic Committee, and the active wear brands follow ethical practices in producing Olympic-branded goods.

While these crimes are being committed we simply cannot stand aside and tolerate the exploitation of our fellow man. So what can we do?

We can support the Playfair 2012 campaign: contact and email the sports wear companies and demand fair treatment and healthy working conditions for the workers.
To learn more, visit (


Is it not our duty to take action against this disgrace, especially since it is in association with the London 2012 Olympics, an event that should signify equality and fair play? Let us stand up and make our voices heard to generate, not only an ethical Olympics this year, but to raise the bar of the standards in the production of all goods all over the world.

For those of you who would like to learn more on this subject we recommend the following sources for further reading:

D. Ozdemir. PCS. Can we expect fair play at London Olympics.

Playfair 2012


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