Dr Sketchy London

Art with a saucy twist, Dr Sketchy hold life drawing classes in pubs across London and other major cities in the UK, with a cheeky burlesque theme. We got our pencils sharpened for the pre Christmas special at Vauxhall Tavern and the results were surprisingly delightful!

This is a life drawing class for all levels and is such great fun you are guaranteed to come away feeling great whether you have produced a masterpiece or mere pencil ramblings. I would recommend the following for anyone going to Dr Sketchy for their first time whether an experienced artiste or telephone table scribbler:

Take Colour: The regular pencil pushers take all their own materials, don’t feel like you have to splash out but a coloured pencil, felt tip or two will brighten up even the smallest scribble.

Take a Sketchbook: Plain white paper is provided but for those of you who feel restricted by A4 or have an old art pad lurking in the unwanted Christmas gift box, dust it off and get sketching.

Arrive Early: To get the best table for you and your friends.

Book in Advance: Dr Sketchy classes fill up quickly and are a bargainous £8.50 per session when booked in advance.

Flex your Imagination: This is not a straightforward ‘draw what you see’ class. Models are asked to assume poses within an imaginary scene, it is up to you to fill in the gaps when creating your drawing. You could be imagining them on a desert island or drawing them decking the halls with boughs of holly. The best pictures are usually from sketchers with the quickest pen to paper wit rather than the most life-like interpretation of the scene before them.

Wit Wins Prizes: Make an effort with your drawings whatever your skill level. Wit wins prizes as well as artistic talent so don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself a good drawer, you can still have lots of fun, improve your drawing and get rewarded in the process!

Click Here for more info and to book tickets for the Dr Sketchy near you.

Concentrating hard on my sketch. Image taken by Dr Sketchy London.

Work in progress. Image taken by Dr Sketchy.

Not your average life model. Photograph taken by Dr Sketchy.


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