Join the non-club cycling club and ride a 100km women only sportive

Whilst at my stand at the London Bike Show I got chatting to Nicole Patterson. Nicole is the new female voice of The London Cyclist blog. It soon became apparent that we had rather a lot in common, we both love bikes (obviously), we both want to get out more on them and do some challenging rides with other like minded women, neither of us have found a cycling club that meets our needs, and (the deal breaker) we both love cake. Talking to other Cyclodelic customers about this over the weekend it was clear we are not alone, you should all be pleased to know then that Nicole has followed up on thisidea and we’ve planned an initial meeting (with cake) at Look Ma No Hands. So if you want to get involved and be part of our non-club cycling club and train for your first cycling sportive in more stylish company please read on…!

Nicole’s post today on The London Cyclist:

OK, no more (tongue-in-cheek) comments about cycling flouro people (crazy or otherwise).

This week….a call to arms, well…bikes.  After speaking to loads of friends and acquaintances who also happen to cycle, a few of us thought that we had something in common.  I love to ride my bike, whenever I can, and wherever the mood takes me.   But I don’t often have the time, or the inclination, to join 40 or so other cyclists in club kit at 7.30 in the morning to ride around the Surrey or Sussex hills, to be back in the family fold by 12 after having knocked out 50 miles. Sometimes it just doesn’t fit in with what I want to do.   I’d prefer it if things kicked off about 11.30 and we rode around aimlessly for a bit, stopped for a coffee and a cake (this is the crucial part) and rode around a bit more until we got bored and all went our separate ways.   Or we met up for a bite to eat and then rode around a bit until we felt less guilty about the lunch and could slope off home.   I wouldn’t be posting my embarrassing and humiliating Garmin results up on the club website because there wouldn’t be one and if I did, and there was, I’d be banned from the next ride!   It would just be a more leisurely environment in which to do some cycling and at the moment, cycling clubs don’t really cater for that.

To that end, I’m proposing a Wo(men) Who Cycle But Not In A Club Club, the inaugural meeting of which will be Thursday February 17th at 7pm at Look Mum No Hands. I’m hoping to organise a first Saturday in the month casual all-comers ride alternating in and around London and Sussex, of about 2-3 hours duration, to be prefaced by lunch or interrupted by a coffee and cake stop or indeed both!  I’d also like to include some tougher challenges, the first of which will be this;

Women Only Sportive – 100km on 8 May 2011

It’s Women only because it’s the first of it’s kind and there are already a gazillion sportives out there for all.  I know some people object to having to pay to enter events and having to raise sponsorship and you are one of those, then feel free to click off now, but I’ve already got a small group together to do some training rides so we can co-ordinate those on the 19th February.

Anybody with any other plans for sportives or other rides, please add your suggestions at the meet up or below.

If anybody would like to join this select crew for some rides of a non-epic quality, then let us know if you are going to pitch up by leaving a comment below. Or just comment anyway.


16 thoughts on “Join the non-club cycling club and ride a 100km women only sportive

  1. Love to! Happy to amble (and I do mena amble!) for a couple of hours. Not sure my bike or bum could handle 100kms, but happy to chat at LMNH.


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  3. If only I could find ladies like you in Sydney! This is a fantastic idea! I get very bored of being the only girl on rides and no one quite shares my love of the mid ride coffee/food break-it’s one of the best bits for me:)

  4. Fab idea!! I’ve been looking for a club/ non-club like this in the brighton area for ages. Won’t be able to make 17th but very interested in joining up for sussex rides

  5. A little behind on the conversation I know but did this ride go ahead and are there more planned? I usually head to Richmond Park but it’s boring and full of middle aged men, who over take me all the time!! Considering the 100k on the 8th too, is anyone else?

    Helen 🙂

  6. This sounds exactly the sort of club (ie non club) I have been looking for – in Sussex – where do you post details of the rides please?! 🙂

  7. Hi,
    This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! I’m very keen to cycle but haven’t got the commitment/desire to sacrifice entire weekends by getting up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday (no Saturday night out??!!) and pedalling like a frantic hamster on a wheel. I’ve got a lovely bike which is getting dusty as my boyfriend is too serious/good & wants to compete/train, getting cadence & heart rate to certain level… Whereas I’d like to cycle to a place worth visiting, while enjoying scenery rather than in circles/up and down a hill!
    I’m late to this thread but please mail me if you did start a non-club or still looking to do so!

    • Hi Sara, these rides were last summer but I have a friend organising some more. I’ve sent her a message for more info so will get back to you as soon as I can! Happy cycling x

  8. Hi Cyclodelic- I’m late to the game but would love to know when other leisurely rides are organised!

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