Cyclepedia – A Tour of Iconic Bicycle Designs

“A bike is above all a means for having fun – no matter at what age.” Michael Embacher

I couldn’t agree more with the above quote and it is obvious from the look and feel of every page of Cyclepedia – A Tour of Iconic Bicycle Designs that Michael Embacher most certainly had fun compiling his new book; personally testing each one of the 100 bicycles featured within its glossy pages.

Published by Thames & Hudson in hard back, Cyclepedia is a dangerous edition to any cycling enthusiasts book shelf or coffee table. A celebration of exemplary bicycle design spanning 90 years. So whether you are into high-tech machines or eccentric two wheeled creations this book will inspire, excite and leave you wanting about 10 more bikes than you already own!


Making their way onto my personal wish list are the exquisite details from the MERCIER Mecadural Pelissier (p30) with its unique wave design aluminium mudguards and huge bug eye front lights or the SOLLING Pederson (p94) stunning and truly unique in white and red.

Solling Pederson.

Brompton revolutionised the folding bicycle market but if you thought that these clever machines where exclusively slick, small wheeled designs think again. Cyclepedia features an entire section of folding bicycles. Some more successful than others! The  DIAMANT Handy Bike (p42) looks great with its angular rust and scratch resistant stainless steel frame but at 15.1kg isn’t very handy for folding or riding! The T&C Pocket Bici (p174) wins my vote in the folding bike style stakes, looking more like a sculpture than a bicycle with it’s curved eliptical frame.

The Pocket Bici.

One thing that has often been the topic of conversation amongst friends and on this blog is the dilema of traveling overseas with your bike – how do you get bike plus luggage to the airport and cycle happily away once reaching your destination? BIKE FRIDAY New World Tourist (p170) ingeniously solves this problem by folding away into a case which can then be used as a trailer. Although it doesn’t do it for me aesthetically Bike Friday beats the above folders hands down on functionality, weighing in at a handy 10kg which leaves plenty of room for all those holiday essentials!

Cyclepedia is on sale now and launches tonight at Look Ma No Hands.

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