Radiopaq Flex Sports Earphones – Review

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the London Marathon at the weekend. If you have been inspired to dust off your trainers and get fit for the Summer or  work off that chocolate over Easter, there is no better way to keep motivated than with a great playlist.

Up to now runners have only had the choice of large over the head styles or small in-ear headphones that can inconveniently drop out midway through your favourite song. But now the Radiopaq Flex earphones are set to change this with their clever rubberised design that slots over your ears. Coming to me thanks to the lovely people at Tru PR we were able to put the Flex Sports Earphones through their paces.

Both lightweight and practical the Flex earphones are an intelligent solution to in-ear headphones without the worry of them falling out. The cleverly designed Flex earphones ‘flow away’ cable gives you the option of either having a short or long cable. This is really handy if you still like to be able to receive calls allowing you to wear your i phone in a convenient front pocket without the worry of dangling cables and use the remote touch button to move seamlessly between music and calls.

For the size and price of the Flex Sports Earphones I was really impressed with the sound quality. The bass is good for their size but this means that it does slightly overpower the mid range. If like us you mainly enjoy working out to beats then these will sound fine. Even if you prefer power rock ballads, at £25 the Flex are still better than any equivalent priced headphones I have tried on the sound quality front.

A great headphone available in fun colourways that is equally stylish, practical and comfortable to wear. To find out more and purchase a pair for yourself visit the website.


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