Being of American upbringing, I always associate the dreaded date of April 15, as the day we rush around ensuring our labour intensive tax forms are filled out, I’s dotted, t,s crossed, and sent safely to the IRS.  What a nice relief to be in London, where last Friday not only had the one year anniversary of the much beloved Look Mum No Hands Cycle cafe, but also the shop relaunch of Oakley’s covent Garden store.
Oakley has been a longtime supported of cycling, and cyclits, from BMX to elite road racing, and it was great to see faces from both ends of the spectrum at their launch event.  We also had the chance to try out the custom sunglasses bar, where some finely adept technicians fitted and customized our very own pair of killer specs. I’ll be rocking them on the bike this spring for sure.
The store looked great, with an installation piece made of thousands of pairs of sunglasses, and a great modern vibe.  It’s a welcome change from the sterile “specsavers” environement we might expect from a sunglasses store.
I lusted after more than half a dozen pair of sunnies.  Will have to be going back soon, to decide on which ones.
-Laura Fletcher

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