This week, a small company in the states launched a new Iphone and Ipad app, Hipster City Cycle.  Being a non I-user, I havn’t honestly been able to give this a go yet, but the press release and images sure do make me want to try it!
The game seems quite tongue in cheek-  a bit of a poke at all the bike trends out there.
The press release states:
“Hipster City Cycle spans four distinct neighborhoods each meticulously hand drawn by pixel artist, and Philly native, Keith McKnight. Your goal is to attract new friends for Binky by showing off his fixed gear skills: weaving through traffic, dodging pot holes, track standing at red lights, and flirting with hipsters. Players progress not by amassing gold coins, but by spending Binky’s savings on new bike parts and taking new friends out to party. Blow Binky’s trust fund and “progress” by moving from a swank pad in Center City to a dive in West Philly”
Its pretty affordable, $1.99 USD to buy, so it sounds to me like its worth a go!

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