Dunwich Dynamo 2011 – Last minute tips

For those of you braving the dodgy weather tonight to take part in the Dunwich Dynamo, a 120 mile ride from East London to Dunwich on the Suffolk coast, here are my top tips of how to have a safe, enjoyable ride in any weather.

Take real food – for the past two years there has been little left at the rest stop. Electrolyte gels and bars are important but at some point you are going to want some good savory carbs. Try making your own energy bars with oats, honey and fruit or pack a pasta salad. This recipe on BikeRadar.com looks tasty and uses all organic ingredients.

Pack Light – 120 miles is a long way and feels even longer if you have everything and the kitchen sink on your back. If you have a rack take panniers rather than wearing anything on your back. I’ll be riding my road bike this year with my waterproof Cyclodelic saddle bag plus a hip pouch for a few extra items.

Spare Socks – If you can only fit in one piece of spare clothing to change into at the beach make it your favourite pair of wooly socks as nothing is worse than cold soggy feet! I am definitely going to be wearing my Sealskinz on the way there this year  to keep my feet dry on the bike, grab a last minute pair from London Fields Cycles if you don’t already own some.

Go in the Sea – The first year I took part in the Dunwich Dynamo I didn’t do this and suffered from really sore muscles for a good few days after. The past two years I have always gone for a long dip in the sea. There is something about the cold salty water that is great for muscle recovery and you’ll wake up feeling fresh and ache free the next day.

Sunday Lunch – After indulging in the infamous sugary buns and full english breakfast at the cafe on the beach head up to The Ship at the top of the hill leading down to Dunwich Beach and treat yourself to fish and chips. Delicious.

And the obvious if you have a helmet wear it, take good lights (Exposure Lights are best if you have the cash to spare), padded shorts will definitely save you from a sore bum 20 miles in and can be worn discreetly under leggings and a Cyclodelic Sports Dress or your favourite jersey, buy a map at the beginning just in case, make sure your mobile is charged, bike in good nick and you have tools and the ability to fix a puncture (or can ride with someone who does!).


Hope to see you all in London Fields in a few hours. I’ll be there around 7PM with my Cyclodelic road bike and leopard print helmet.

Happy Cycling!! Amy x


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