London Riots

As we come to the end of what has been a tense and traumatic week for Londoners and those caught up in the copycat riots across England it is important that we pull together to help those in need and thank those whose bravery pushed the wicked and thoughtless rioters out of our communities. As we worked away on your orders this week from our Dalston studio we were horrified to watch the events that were unfolding literally 300 metres away from us on Mare Street. Later that night we were witness to peoples homes and businesses being destroyed by flames in South London.

In Hackney the following morning our graphic designer Harry Foster and good friend Hannah Britten were out helping clean up the streets, scraping the roads from debris and removing burnt out vehicles. This made us think; what more can we do to help those affected by the London riots?

On Tuesday night in Dalston the Turkish and Kurdish communities were out in force. Determined to keep their shops open they found strength in numbers and pushed the nasty rioters out of the area keeping Kingsland Road safe. On Wednesday we went out to show our thanks by having lunch on Kingsland Road. On Saturday a mass ‘thank you’ is planned and we are urging everyone in the Dalston area to join in by visiting one of the many shops, restaurants, flower sellers or newsagents in the area. See the facebook group here for further information.

Another issue close to our heart is the tragic Sony warehouse fire started by rioters in Enfield. The warehouse housed over 150 independent record labels many of which have lost almost everything. As a music lover and someone who has worked hard to build up their own independent business I can only begin to imagine the devastation this has caused. BBC 6 Music have created an appeal on their Facebook page which lists ways in which you can get involved to help these independent labels stay in business. There is also now a PIAS-distributed list on Spotify which links to the catalogues of each of the affected labels so you can explore great new music for a very worthy cause.

Wishing you all a safe and happy weekend.

Amy x


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