Cycling Culture in Barcelona

Our fab intern Melissa Wagner reports on her recent trip to Barcelona:

One of the most inviting things about Barcelona is how convenient cycling and public transportation is.  Priority is given to the safety of both pedestrians and cyclists by keeping them separate from other traffic within the city.

Taken at Park Güell

        Right outside my hostel cycling paths crossed through a tree lined playground separating cycle commuters from cars. Even along the beach where vehicles are not permitted, cyclists have their own bicycle lanes.  Along the most congested part of Barcelona, Las Rumbas, there are three larger shared use sidewalks providing enough space for cyclists and pedestrians to stay out of the busy street.

Taken at Casa Milà

        Barcelona has bikes for hire called Bicing, which are very similar to the Barclays cycle hire scheme here in London.  Walking around Barcelona, it’s common to see people using these bikes to travel around the city.  Unlike Rome, public transportation in Barcelona is organised and easy to use.  Even with the benefit of their efficient Metro network, people still take advantage of the hire bikes and designated paths.  One of the factors that makes cycling so appealing in the capital is that unlike many other parts of Europe Barcelona benefits from beautiful weather all year round.  During the month of February, the weather was on average 14 degrees Celsius and the sun was out and shinning all day long.  We even spent one afternoon on the beach and although it was a little windy, people were brave enough to jump in the chill winter sea!

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