Women’s Olympic Road Race

Spectators at Box Hill, south of London, were in high spirits on Sunday despite the continuous thunder and intermittent downpours. Bike enthusiasts from all over the world gathered to watch the 140 km women’s Olympic road race.

Filled with numerous attacks and counter-attacks the tension and excitement from the crowd fueled the riders to push ever harder. Especially notable was Pooley’s climbing efforts on the steep inclines of the Box Hill circuit. Punctures and the odd encounter with roadside ditches added to the already high tensions as riders battled to regain their positions in the race sometimes adopting unorthodox methods, drafting the support cars to limit their air resistance, praying judges would turn a blind eye.

The Dutch cyclist Marianna Vos and British sprinter Lizzie Amitstead took the lead around 45 km before the finish line closely pursued by Russian Olga Zabelinskaya. The trio showed great team work keeping a steady 45 second lead from the chasing Americans and Italians. Vos finally took home gold after an impressive sprint in the last 200m. Armitstead was close behind but unfortunately couldn’t compete with Vos’ powerful sprint, coming in at second place to win the silver medal.

Cyclodelic would like to congratulate Lizzie on bringing home Great Britain’s first medal of the London 2012 Olympics and wish everyone a continued happy Olympic Games!

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