Countries display kit from local designers for Olympics

Throughout the Olympics, spectators and viewers have had the opportunity to see countries from all over the world display Olympic fashions and uniforms made by local designers. While some countries chose a more subdued and formal look, other countries like Jamaica and Russia opted for bright colours and patterns, allowing them to standout from the rest. Team GB, adorning designs from Stella McCartney, performs in uniforms featuring patterns of a modernized union flag.

At the opening ceremonies team GB sported white track suits with gold detail to give the costumes a little extra flare.

US athletes made their Olympic debut in Ralph Lauren ties, sweaters, and blazers, channelling a more preppy look. US cyclists competed in uniforms of red, white, and blue, highlighting the stars and stripes of the American flag.

While many countries chose a more formal look, we enjoyed many of the creative and colourful choices of other Olympic teams. Some of our favourites were the uniforms of Jamaica, featuring bright patterns of green and yellow, and the Czech Republic’s unique use of umbrellas as a fashion accessory.

Athletes from around the world are looking great on and off the competition field in a year that has been coined the most stylish Olympics yet! Make sure to tune in to see the world’s best athletes set records and achieve greatness!


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