Cyclodelic spots their favourite bikes in Oxford and Cambridge

Last week, two of our interns spent a day in Cambridge and a day in Oxford spotting their favourite bikes and rewarding their owners with a surprise discount on our website. While a lot of our business comes from London, we are looking to expand our clientele to other major cycling cities, and our interns were certainly excited to see all of the great bikes and enthusiastic cyclists throughout Oxford and Cambridge. We are looking forward to new cyclists sporting our Cyclodelic gear and reaching out to others throughout the UK. Here are a few pictures of their favourite bikes and our discount cards these lucky cyclists found in their bike spokes. Keep an eye out for a discount of your own!

Cyclodelic gets Arty in Oxford

We had badgtastic fun taking part in The Headington Art Ride and Treasure Hunt on Friday that we sponsored with Cyclodelic goodies. Congratulations to the winners Steph West and Audrey Macleay who each won one of our bamboo performance tees, a reflective cuff and leather belt pouch along with a copy of our fave magazine Sportsister and a bottle of delicious eco chic water from Aquapax.

Watch this space for details of future bicycle treasure hunts.