Cycling whilst Pregnant

Pregnant Danes wouldn’t deign to get off their bikes, so why do friends and cab drivers take exception to childbearing cyclists?

Sam Haddad, Editor at Cooler Magazine writes an informative article for The Guardian Bike Blog about the benefits of cycling whilst pregnant. Our very own Sarah Buck (pictured above) formerly a designer at Cyclodelic before giving birth to her beautiful son Miles cycled throughout her pregnancy and is quoted as saying:

“No one dared tell me not to cycle or they’d have been in trouble. But I felt so comfortable on the bike it was never going to be an issue for me. I was cycling from Camberwell to Hackney, an hour and a half of light-impact exercise a day and really do think it benefited my body and mind. I had a really healthy pregnancy, and as you’re not putting weight on your legs, it’s actually easier than walking.”

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Treasure Hunt Press

A selection of press from our Easter Bicycle Treasure Hunt in Bristol last weekend.

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