Cyclodelic Featured in The Girl’s Guide to Life on Two Wheels

Cathy Bussey’s new book, The Girl’s Guide to Life on Two Wheels featuring contributions from Cyclodelic launches this week and we were lucky enough to receive a preview copy through the post this morning.


This image-rich, hard back book, is a practical guide for the modern female cyclist, promoting cycling as a fun, healthy, and stylish hobby and form of transport. Cathy addresses the oh-so-common excuses women give for not cycling and provides solutions to make the activity fit into anyone’s lifestyle. The Girl’s Guide to Life on Two Wheels also serves as a handbook for new cyclists, with information including bike-buying tips, exercises to improve one’s bike handling skills, and interviews with fitness bloggers and experts to keep new (and old) cyclists inspired. The book is filled with many lovely photos from Cyclodelic campaigns over the years, including our trip to Paris photographed by Ben Broomfield.



We wish Cathy lots of success with The Girl’s Guide to Life on Two Wheels!

Endless Cycle: The Tweed Run

I had a great time researching and writing a feature on the London Tweed Run for this months issue of Selvedge Magazine. Selvedge is a beautifully put together monthly publication that explores the use of textiles across various contexts, including fine art, fashion, interiors, travel and shopping.

Look out for myself and the rest of the Cyclodelic team at the next Tweed Run on the 13th April 2013 where we’ll be joined by Jae Schmidt, owner of US bicycle boutique Houndstooth Road.

selvedge magazine

tweed run

tweed run artwork

Cycle Chic’s ‘Hot in a Helmet’

Lady cyclists, are you concerned about your safety on the streets but tired of that less-than-fashionable piece of plastic you wear on your head to protect yourself? Cycle chic is on a mission this summer to rid the helmet of its ugly and geeky stereotype and we want to help! The women at cycle chic are holding a campaign to find the trendiest helmets out there and share those styles with cyclists everywhere. Submit a photo of yourself in your trendy helmet to or tweet them a picture @cyclechic….and don’t forget to take a look at our selection of Sawako Furuno’s eternally stylish helmets at our website. 

Cyclodelic spots their favourite bikes in Oxford and Cambridge

Last week, two of our interns spent a day in Cambridge and a day in Oxford spotting their favourite bikes and rewarding their owners with a surprise discount on our website. While a lot of our business comes from London, we are looking to expand our clientele to other major cycling cities, and our interns were certainly excited to see all of the great bikes and enthusiastic cyclists throughout Oxford and Cambridge. We are looking forward to new cyclists sporting our Cyclodelic gear and reaching out to others throughout the UK. Here are a few pictures of their favourite bikes and our discount cards these lucky cyclists found in their bike spokes. Keep an eye out for a discount of your own!

Countries display kit from local designers for Olympics

Throughout the Olympics, spectators and viewers have had the opportunity to see countries from all over the world display Olympic fashions and uniforms made by local designers. While some countries chose a more subdued and formal look, other countries like Jamaica and Russia opted for bright colours and patterns, allowing them to standout from the rest. Team GB, adorning designs from Stella McCartney, performs in uniforms featuring patterns of a modernized union flag.

At the opening ceremonies team GB sported white track suits with gold detail to give the costumes a little extra flare.

US athletes made their Olympic debut in Ralph Lauren ties, sweaters, and blazers, channelling a more preppy look. US cyclists competed in uniforms of red, white, and blue, highlighting the stars and stripes of the American flag.

While many countries chose a more formal look, we enjoyed many of the creative and colourful choices of other Olympic teams. Some of our favourites were the uniforms of Jamaica, featuring bright patterns of green and yellow, and the Czech Republic’s unique use of umbrellas as a fashion accessory.

Athletes from around the world are looking great on and off the competition field in a year that has been coined the most stylish Olympics yet! Make sure to tune in to see the world’s best athletes set records and achieve greatness!

I Bike London T-shirts are here!

In the past 5 years, cycling culture has rocketed by over 100 percent and now half a million bicycle journeys are taken daily. To celebrate this movement, we have added t-shirts from the I Bike London collection to the Cyclodelic family. With various designs, you can keep your favorite bicycle close to your heart and celebrate this great movement.

Available in Men’s and Women’s styles, Shop Here!

New Products!

Be seen for the right reasons!  Now introducing Skully Bike Lights in three versatile colours to complete your look.  Skully lights have up to 100 hours of battery life and keep you and your stylish bike visible up to 600 meters! With a flexible body, it’s easy to attach them to any part of your bike and even your Cyclodelic accessories!

See them here!



Ladies Night at Blue Door Bicycles

Tonight, Thursday 17th of November Blue Door Bicycles, a cycle shop in Crystal Palace, South East London is hosting a special ladies night from 7-9pm. The shop is located at 5 and 7 Central Hill. Blue Door Bicycles will be offering a special sale on women’s cycling clothing, including some of Cyclodelic‘s most valued items, such as our long sleeve tunic dresses, and kimono jackets. They will also be offering advice to both experienced and inexperienced cyclists. Free refreshments will be provided, so cycle on over to get great prices on their merchandise!